Honoring Strength & Diversity in Individuals, Couples & Families

Love is Not Perfect…

… and neither are we. Sometimes in our attempts to love and be loved we cause ourselves and others great pain. Hurtful words and deeds, betrayal, abuse, neglect, addictions. All of which can lead to loss of intimacy and connection, diminished desire and joy, forgotten values and dreams, anxiety, depression, anger… which leads to great suffering and loss of love for all involved.

Life is too short to keep losing so much love. It is never too late to mend and heal.


Empowering Individuals, Couples & Families Toward:

  • Repairing relationship damage to self & others (affairs, addictions, anger, violence, abuse, trauma, loss).
  • Rebuilding relational trust & integrity with self & others.
  • Cultivating & maintaining meaningful, balanced, & connected lives.
  • Learning how to feel our pain and deal with it in healthy ways, so that we may ease the suffering within ourselves and in others.
  • Acceptance of ourselves and others as imperfect beings moving towards healing and growth in our own time and way.
  • Cultivating peace without complacency.

Roxanne George, PhD, LMFT, EMDR Certified; Acacia Rising Counseling; 94 El Tros Road, Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557; Phone: (575) 758-4270; Text: (541) 760-8799; Email: acaciarising@proaxis.com